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This form is to be used by SABA administrators to request new accounts be added to SABA database.
  • This form is used to request one or more accounts be created in Training Central. Primarily used for students. It can also be used for "external" users who are not affiliated with NMSU (e.g. community members serving on search committees). It is highly recommended that External users create their own accounts from the Training Central log on page to allow them to set their own password. Email address is required for external accounts. Student requests can also be made through the link on Training Central's log on page. New employees (including student employees) are loaded through a Banner load overnight on their start date. New employees required to attend training (i.e. new employee orientation) during their first week of employment may have their account manually added to Training Central provided they have a valid Aggie ID and active NMSU email account.
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    Enter the name as shown in Banner of the person(s) to be given access. Name and Aggie ID# are required. If known, please also provide Email, Department, Type, and Campus location. To request access for more than 1 person, click the + sign at the end of the row.
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