Aggie Leadership Training Academy Application Instructions

Application Deadline – Closed!

Applications for the ALTA program are not currently being accepted.  The next application period will open in fall of 2018.

Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in the Aggie Leadership Training Academy (ALTA). A completed application form and application packet is required for consideration of admission into the program. If you have questions regarding the application process, form, or packet, please contact the Center for Learning & Professional Development at 575-646-7444 or email at

Application Packet

A complete application packet must be received by the Center for Learning & Professional Development in order to be considered for the Aggie Leadership Training Academy. Please include the following in your application packet.

  • Completed and signed application form
  • Resume
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation, one of which must be from your immediate supervisor
  • A personal statement of no more than two pages indicating why you are applying for this program, what you hope to gain, your leadership background, and your goals related to working with others

Application Form

A complete application form is required. Please complete all sections of the form. Gender, Ethnicity, and Race are voluntary and used for reporting purposes only. They are not required for acceptance into the program.

Supervisor Information

Please list the name and contact information of your immediate supervisor.

Management Responsibilities

Please indicate your years of management experience, employee classification (staff or faculty; exempt or non-exempt classification is not a consideration for acceptance into the program), number of regular direct reports, and years of service at NMSU.  Describe your management responsibilities.  You should address all of the criteria listed below.  Each narrative block is limited to 250 characters.  Attach additional pages if necessary.

  • Give examples of department initiatives, strategies, and goals that you developed
  • Give examples of department-level decisions that you make on a regular basis
  • Explain your department-level budgeting involvement


  • You must sign and date the application form as the applicant
  • Your direct supervisor must sign and date the application form indicating their support and commitment for the time that you will need to be away from the job to complete the program
  • The next level approver must also sign and date the form to demonstrate that they are aware of the time commitment and expectations. This may be an Assistant or Associate VP, VP, Assistant or Associate Dean, Dean, etc.; whomever the next level approver is.  If you report directly to a VP or Dean, the next level approver is not needed.