10 Informal Ways to Recognize Employees

Thank you speech bubble icon1. Say Thank You!
There are many ways to say thank you, but simply saying it is immediate and may be just what is needed to brighten someone’s day and encourage them to keep up the good work.


gift card icon2. Give
Gift cards, certificates, thank you cards and even e-cards last long after the day is through.



Cherry Chocolate Cupcake icon3. Team-up
Don’t just focus on individual accomplishments, recognize when good team work happens and share the reward together. Donuts and Chocolate anyone?


Group meeting icon4. Publicize
Group email, whiteboards and department meetings are all good ways to recognize accomplishments so that others can see the good work that was done.



Thank you note icon5. Personalize
Before sending your next thank you email stop and send thanks using pen and paper instead. Be specific, detailing names and situations that you are recognizing.


gold star icon6. Record
You won’t be able to recognize every outstanding accomplishment from employees immediately, but you can let them know that you notice their good work. Tally, collect, and display commendations and evidence of good work on your office door or desk and remind everyone that you notice what good work they do.

Customize Icon7. Customize
Where do your employees go to eat, do they have a favorite snack, television show or band? Customize thank you gifts and messages with elements that reflect their interests.


3 heads icon8. Listen
Listen to what each person is telling you about how they would like to be recognized. Offer time to chat about your pride in their performance and share a snack.


Invite Icon9. Invite
If appropriate, invite employees to cross-train, attend committee meetings, or presentations in order to honor their good work.


Lightbulb icon10. Invent
There are many ways to recognize the good accomplishments of employees. Invent new ways by considering how you encourage your friends and family and imagine the small tokens of thanks that you would appreciate receiving yourself.