MCP Advise

Management Certification Program Advisory Committee

Committee Charter

The Manager Certification Program Advisory Committee is an informal committee comprised of NMSU personnel with unique management knowledge and skills. The committee provides strategic and historical advice and guidance to the program owner and program manager on the structure, design, and implementation of the certification program.

Committee Structure

Committee members consist of staff management, faculty, select CLPD personnel appointed by the Director of the Center for Learning & Professional Development, and members of previous manager certification program cohorts.

There are a maximum of twelve (12) members on the committee. The committee is typically comprised of two (2) permanent CLPD members, seven (7) term members, and three (3) non-voting ex-officio members. Committee positions such as Chair and Secretary are filled by term members. Guests may be invited to participate in committee meetings and will not have voting privileges.

A term for the committee is one program. Term members may be allowed to continue for an additional term, or serve as an ex-officio member without voting rights as vacancies permit. Individuals from the most recent cohort are invited to become part of the task force as vacancies permit. Staff management and faculty are elicited to fill remaining vacancies.

Committee Responsibilities

The Manager Certification Program Advisory Committee is advisory in nature, with approval responsibility for key program documents. Approval will be achieved with a majority vote of members present.

  • Review and approve the Manager Certification Program Management Plan.
  • Review and approve the Manager Certification Program Training Plan.
  • Review and approve the program training schedule.
  • Discuss and approve the program evaluation form(s).
  • Discuss and approve the program application process and form(s).
  • Review and approve selection process.
  • Approve the application period for the program offering.
  • Review manager competencies and select competencies to cover in the program.
  • Review the outline of manager courses. Select courses for inclusion in the program and identify additional courses to include if necessary.
  • Identify and recommend guest speakers for current and future program offerings.
  • Select the cohort for the program offering.
  • Review program web pages.

Committee Chair Responsibilities

The Advisory Committee Chair is responsible for the conduct and accountability of the committee and to represent the committee at management or executive level meetings or presentations as needed.

  • Lead committee meetings. This may be abdicated to another member if the meeting agenda is better served by a member with greater expertise in the area of focus.
  • Keep the meetings focused and moving.
  • Call for votes when needed.
  • Cast the tie-breaking vote if the committee is deadlocked.
  • Follow-up with committee members to ensure completion of assigned tasks by the milestone due dates.
  • Call for special or additional meetings if necessary.
  • Communicate with the CLPD Program Manager to determine meeting agendas.
  • Represent the committee at management meetings or presentations if needed.

Committee Secretary

The Secretary is responsible to record and publish the activities of the committee meetings.

  • Take notes on meeting discussions and activities.
  • Publish the meeting notes for all committee members.