Saba Administrators

Saba Administrator’s Helpful Links

This page contains forms and information related to the administration of Training Central (SABA).  The page is intended for assigned personnel who manage Training Central.

Let us know what else you would like to see on this page (i.e. procedures, additional forms, etc.).  Email with suggestions.


Training Central Security Access Guidelines effective August 1, 2014; revised August 15, 2016


Training Central Security Access Form: Allows you to request administrative roles be assigned or removed from training unit members.

New Facility Request Form:  Allows you to ask that a new classroom or training location be added to the available rooms in the SABA database.

Update Training Records:  Allows you to request modifications or updates to an individual’s training records for external training completed or training conducted one-on-one and not recorded in SABA.

Account Setup:  Allows you to request that an individual be added to the available learners within the SABA database.  This is primarily used for students who don’t automatically enter the SABA data feed.

Internal CLPD Forms

The following forms are used internally by the Center for Learning & Professional Development.  If you would like to use these forms for your own department, please email 

Request to Upload Web-Based Training:  Allows you to submit a request to have web-based training uploaded to Training Central or the CLPD Website.

Request to Add/Remove Documentation: Allows you to submit a request to have online documentation added, replaced, or removed on the CLPD Website.  Examples of documentation added to the web site includes user manuals, quick reference guides, PowerPoint presentations, etc.