Request a Private Offering for your Team

To Access the Team Dashboard:

1. Login to Training Central -

2. The Home page appears.

3. Find the drop-down menu on the top right-side of the Web page. (Beside the drop-down box are the words Go To: and the word Home appears in the box.)

Image of dropdown for Team Dashboard

4. Click the drop-down box arrow and the word Team Dashboard.

5. Select Team Dashboard.

6. The Team Dashboard window will appear.

7. The tabs that you will see on the Team Dashboard window are: Team Dashboard, Team Success Plans, Team Training, and Contact us.

Dashboard menu

8. Click Team Training.

9. Click Training Requests.
Team Training Requests

You can request training offerings that are public or private if offerings are not available at desired times, locations, and/or dates in the catalog. A public offering is available to everyone while a private offering is available only to a specific set of learners such as a department.

If you would like to request a new training course (one that is not already available in the catalog), please complete the New Training Request form.

Private or Public Offering selection screen

10. Select the radio button beside Request new private offering of a course from the Catalog. A private offering is available only to a specific set of learners.

11. Click the Next button.

The Request Private Offering page appears.

12. Click the Course Title picker tool.

The pop-up window Select Course appears.

(Disable any pop-up blockers for your web browser before launching the application. Pop-up blockers could prevent pop-up windows in the application from opening.)

13. To display all of the catalog items, click the Search button without specifying any search criteria.To display a specific catalog item, enter search criteria.

14. After searching, click the Select Course icon next to an item to create a training request for that item.

The Request Private Offering page appears.

15. The selected course is listed in the Course Title

16. Select the start dates in the Start Date On/After field.

17. Enter the remaining details of a training request. (Please provide as much information as possible to assist in processing your request.)

18. Click the Save button.

Your request is now in the My Requests list and has been sent to a Training Central Administrator for evaluation.

Tip IconTip

To view submitted training requests:

  • Click My Training.
  • Click Training Requests.
  • Click My Requests and your submitted Training Requests will be displayed.