2017 ALTA Cohort

Meet the 2017 Aggie Leadership Training Academy Cohort

2017 Cohort Values

Group 1

Amanda Gallivan, Asst Dir Health & Wellness

“Leadership is…being able to effectively influence and guide individuals towards a common goal of the organization.”

Debra Darmata, Operation Manager, Wellness Alcohol Violence Education

“Leadership is a reciprocal fair and just relationship between leaders and followers, to promote necessary, positive and effective change that enhances the organization while simultaneously considering the needs of the individuals that make up that organization”

Michael Ray, Program Coordinator, American Indian Program

“Leadership is the ability to work with willing followers to reach higher levels of thought and goals while understanding how the goals relate to the followers.”

Samantha Lish, Manager, Accounting Unit, UAR

“Leadership is…accomplishing a common goal/mission by being willing to do what you ask others to do thus influencing others enough they want to do it.”

Group 2

Christy Roye, Program Coordinator, Sunland Park, DACC

“Leadership is…engaging, influencing, and leading groups of people in a collaborative process through dialogue toward a common objective, resolution, or vision.”

Douglas Scribner, Division Dean, Health Sciences

“Leadership is…encouraging and enabling others to achieve a common goal.”

Ophelia Watkins, Interim Director, Corbett Center

“Leadership is the practice of serving others to provide respectful guidance, individual mentoring, and opportunities for professional growth while also influencing others to accept, pursue, and realize common goals and objectives.”

Tammy Powers, Director, DACC Library Media Center

“A leader strives to provide and promote an environment for staff that is supportive, learning-oriented, and sustaining so work goals can be accomplished.”

Group 3

Alexandra Garcia, Manager of Operations, Health & Wellness

“Leadership is empowering individuals to learn, grow, and improve; not only in the context of an organizational setting or goal, but within a personal one as well.

Araceli Hernandez, Manager, ICT Student Tech & Planning

“Leadership is a process that allows a person to move others through various methods, with flexibility and conviction, to reach a common goal, complete a mission, or solve a problem; leadership moves people as one with a unified purpose.”

Jesse Haas, Director, Student Accessibility Services

“Leadership is an interactive, ever-changing process where the leader and the followers work together to accomplish a common goal(s) in order to advance an institution or an organization’s mission(s) and vision(s).”

Louis Huber, Deputy Fire Chief

“A leader is a servant to the group and the organization to accomplish the defined mission.”

Group 4

Amanda Luna, Lab Coordinator, Biology

“Leadership is the ability to encourage individual growth toward a group mission by setting long-term goals and making them come to life.”

Elvira Masson, US Director of the Confucius Institute

“Leadership inspires the positive energy to move a shared mission forward”

Juan Olivas, Program Manager, NMDA

“Leadership is having the ability of playing to the strengths, and most importantly, addressing the weaknesses of your constituents. Basically never setting anyone up for failure.”

Polly Wagner, Program Compliance Specialist, Environmental Health & Safety

“Leadership is…a relationship between leaders and their team that encourages collaboration to deliver mutual strategic goals for continuous improvement.”