ALTA Task Force

The ALTA task force is a committee charged with the oversight responsibility of the Aggie Leadership Training Academy program. The task force will review and approve essential components of the program and provide leadership, direction, guidance, and support as needed to ensure the success of the program.

Task Force responsibilities

  • Recommend potential speakers
  • Select program participants
  • Provide support as needed

Task force members consist of staff management, faculty, select CLPD personnel appointed by the Director of the Center for Learning & Professional Development, and members of the previous ALTA cohort.

There are a maximum of twelve (12) members on the task force. The committee members are comprised of three (3) non-voting ex-officio members, two (2) permanent CLPD members, and seven (7) term members. Guests may be invited to participate in committee meetings and will not have voting privileges.

Term members may be allowed to continue for an additional term or as an ex officio member without voting rights. Individuals from the most recent cohort are invited to become part of the task force as vacancies permit. Staff management and faculty are elicited to fill remaining vacancies.

The task force elects a member as secretary to take meeting notes of the Task force meetings. Meeting dates and times will be discussed and approved by the task force during the first regular meeting.

ALTA Task Force Secretary responsibilities

  • Takes notes on meeting discussions and activities
  • Publish the meeting notes to all ALTA Task force members