Ralph B. Crouch Memorial Award

Friends and family of the late Dr. Ralph B. Crouch, Professor of Mathematics, Head of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, and Associate Dean of the Graduate School, have established an endowment providing for an annual award to honor a current or living, former employee of NMSU for outstanding contributions to the life of the university community. The award alternates annually between two categories: (1) non-exempt staff and (2) faculty and exempt staff. The recognition includes a cash award.


Criteria and Guidelines for Selection of Award Winner

Criteria: Nominees must be a current or living, former employee of New Mexico State University. Depending on award cycle, the selection will be limited to non-exempt staff or faculty and exempt staff.

Consideration will be based solely on the person’s outstanding contribution(s). These contributions may include any activities WITHIN THE UNIVERSITY and can range from one event to a lifetime career. Outstanding contributions are considered those action(s) or activities beyond the normal day-to-day responsibilities of the person’s job. These activities can be, but not limited to, committee work, participation in special university projects, sponsoring student groups, activities in professional organizations, etc.

Guidelines: The Nomination form, with no more than five (5) pages of supporting information and no more than three (3) letters of reference, should be received by the Center for Learning & Professional Development at MSC 3TD no later than the date indicated on the nomination form.


About Dr. Ralph B. Crouch

Ralph B. Crouch joined the NMSU mathematical faulty in 1947. A native of Kentucky, he received his bachelor’s degree at Murray State College in 1942, his master’s at the University of Illinois in 1947, and his Ph.D. at the University of Kansas in 1952.

Dr. Crouch specialized in infinite symmetric groups. He presented his scholarly work to the American Mathematics Society and the American Mathematical Association, of which he was also president for the Southwest Section. As a professor at NMSU, he was active with the Faculty Senate, the Committee on Contracts, and the American Association of University Professors.

In 1964 Dr. Crouch was appointed Head of NMSU’s Mathematics Department by Arts and Sciences Dean A.D. Boston. Dr. Crouch was appointed Dean of the Graduate School replacing Dr. Earl Walden.