How do I Access a Direct Link and Register for Certifications?

Direct links (deeplinks) related to certifications are sent through emails or are embedded on a website. To access a direct link and register for certifications:

1. Click the direct link.

2. A Web page like the image below will open.

3. Click the Register button.

4. The Training Central login page will open.

NMSU Login image

5. Login with your NMSU Username and Password.

6. A Web page like the image below will open.

Image for completing registration

7. Click the Complete Registration button.

8. The registration process is complete.

Tip IconTip

For online courses, make sure pop-up blockers are disabled because after completing registration a module which contains learning materials should automatically load.

In order to ensure the best experience while obtaining your certificate in Training Central, please note the following recommended system configurations in Help at