Learner Overview

What can learners do in Training Central?

Learners can perform a variety of functions within Training Central:


Types of learning


Instructor-Led learning is typically held in classroom settings and facilitated by an instructor. The sessions are scheduled learning offered at a particular place and time.


Web-Based learning is delivered online and can be accesses 24/7. The lessons are self-paced and may include video, audio, games/simulations, and assessments.

Virtual Class

Virtual Class learning is a Web conference or similar live online broadcast of a session that occurs at a particular time. Virtual classes may include text chat, desktop sharing, video, audio, games/simulations, and assessments. The ability to ask questions or otherwise participate remotely in Virtual classes separates this online delivery type from Web-Based learning, which may include only predefined or asynchronous interactions.


Tip IconTips

For online courses, make sure pop-up blockers are disabled because after completing registration a module which contains learning materials should automatically load.
For online course modules, check the last page to see if there is a Finish button. Click the Finish button only after you have completed all quizzes in the module and read all of the material. Please note that some modules allow you to take quizzes over and over again until you receive 100%.
In order to ensure the best experience while obtaining your curriculum in Training Central, please note the following recommended system configurations in Help at http://training.nmsu.edu/saba/help/settings.html