Manage Team Curricula?

A curriculum is a set of learning offerings (classes) that constitute an area of specialization.  They are more loosely structured than certifications because they generally do not have a prescribed completion time or expiration date.  Curricula are generally assigned by an administrator based on a job role or position.

To Access the Team Dashboard:

1. Login to Training Central -

2. The Home page appears.

3. Find the drop-down menu on the top right-side of the Web page. (Beside the drop-down box are the words Go To: and the word Home appears in the box.)

Image of dropdown for Team Dashboard

4. Click the drop-down box arrow.

5. Select Team Dashboard.

6. The Team Dashboard window will appear.

7. The tabs that you will see on the Team Dashboard window are: Team Dashboard, Team Success Plans, Team Training, and Contact us.

Dashboard menu

8. Click the tab Team Training.

9. The Team Training window appears.

10. Click the Curricula link on the left-side panel.

11. The Team Curricula window appears.

12. Click View Curricula in the Actions column for an employee.

Image of a light bulb to suggest tipTip

Click the Curriculum Name to view curriculum details.