How Do I View a Team Member's Completed Courses?

To view a Team Member's Completed Courses:

1. Login to Training Central -

2. The Home page appears.

3. Find the drop-down menu on the top right-side of the Web page. (Beside the drop-down box are the words Go To: and the word Home appears in the box.)

Image of dropdown for Team Dashboard

4. Click the drop-down box arrow.

5. Select Team Dashboard.

6. The Team Dashboard window will appear.

7. The tabs that you will see on the Team Dashboard window are: Team Dashboard,Team Success Plans, Team Training, and Contact us.

Dashboard menu

8. Click the tab Team Training.

9. The Team Training window appears.

10. Click the Completed Courses link on the left-side panel.

11. The Team Completed Courses window appears.

Team Completed Courses

12. To view the completed courses of an individual team member click View Completed Course link beside the team member's name.

13. Click Print Certificate of Completion link next to a transcript item in the Completion Status column.

14. The Crystal Reports Viewer opens.

15. From this view, you can adjust printer settings and print certificates of completion.

Tip IconTip

By default your list of completed courses only displays information from the last 90 days. To change to date range to see older completed courses set the Completion Date after field as appropriate.

Modify the date

To view course details, click on the course Title.