How Do I Search and Register for an Offering?

  1. Log in to NMSU Training Central -
  2. Click the Find Training tab.
  3. Click the Search link in the left menu and the Search page appears.
  4. Enter a course title or keyword into the search field or leave the field empty to select all.
  5. Click the drop-down box beside Locations and select the location where you would like to take an offering.
  6. Click Search. (Click the Advanced Search link to display more search capabilities.)
  7. The Search page on the My Training tab is displayed showing offerings containing your search criteria.
  8. Click on an Offering title to view details about the offering.
  9. Click the Back button on the Web page to return to the Search results page.
  10. Click on the Register link for the offering you want to take.
  11. The Registration Confirmation page opens and displays information about the offering you have chosen including the the word "Confirmed" beside the field Order Status
  12. To view your current enrollments, click on In-Progress in the left menu or you can click on Go to In-Progress Learning button at the bottom of the page.


Tip IconTip

1. After registering for an offering, you should receive an email confirming your registration.

2. NMSU Training Central defines an offering as an item of a course which is available for ordering (for registration).