Register Team Members in Courses

To Access the Team Dashboard:

1. Login to Training Central -

2. The Home page appears.

3. Find the drop-down menu on the top right-side of the Web page. (Beside the drop-down box are the words Go To: and the word Home appears in the box.)

Image of dropdown for Team Dashboard

4. Click the drop-down box arrow.

5. Select Team Dashboard.

6. The Team Dashboard window will appear.

7. The tabs that you will see on the Team Dashboard window are: Team Dashboard, Team Success Plans, Team Training, and Contact us.

Dashboard menu

8. Locate the Team Catalog Search portlet on the top right of Team Dashboard window.

9. Click Advanced Search.

10. Provide search criteria to locate preferred offering.  Click Search Learning Catalog.

11. Click Register in the Actions column of the offering you want to enroll team members in.

12. The Add Seats and Learners window appears.

13. Click Add Learners.

14. The Search Person, Internal window opens.

15. Enter sufficient search criteria to find the learner you want to register.  Click Search.

16. Click the checkbox next to the name of the learner.  Click Select.

17. The Add Seats and Learners page will be displayed with the learner added.  Repeat steps 13-16 to add additional learners.

18. Click Register Seats and Learners.  The Registration Confirmation page will display.