The Center for Learning & Professional Development is the central training department for New Mexico State University faculty and staff. We offer training in administrative systems and processes, employee development, supervisor and leadership development, policies and procedures, and institutional compliance. We support the mission of NMSU by orienting, training, and developing University employees to increase knowledge, improve skills, and develop essential competencies needed to foster employee advancement, organizational efficiency, productivity, and demonstrated excellence.

2015 Mandatory Compliance Training

In order to meet state and federal requirements as well as University policy, beginning April 1, 2015, NMSU employees will be required to take mandated online compliance training on specific topics. Beginning in January 2016, online compliance modules will be rolled out on an annual basis. Click here for more details.

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Awards and Recognition

As part of our vision to promote excellence in our campus community, we facilitate the recognition of faculty, exempt, and non-exempt employees from across the our campus for their service, leadership and for making positive, significant differences in our university and community.

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Web Based Training

We recognize that not all employees may have the time allotted in their daily schedule to attend training that occurs at a specific day or time. We also know that everyone may need a little refresher or review from time to time. With this in mind, we have a collection of web based training that is a self-paced alternative to some of our instructor led offerings.

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Online Documentation

In addition to web based training, we also have a comprehensive list of documentation available online for administrative systems, policies and procedures, and any other material that we distribute in our instructor-led training classes.

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