Manager Certification Program

Manager Certification Program Information

The Manager Certification Program (MCP) is a management certification program for NMSU staff currently in a supervisory or higher level management position, or for those who have been identified as having the potential to move into a supervisor or manager position.

Program Goal

The goal of the Manager Certification Program is to build critical management-level knowledge, skills, and competencies required to efficiently carry out the functions of managing employees and departments in support of the NMSU Mission, Vision, and Values.

Program Structure

The Manager Certification Program is a comprehensive program that provides supervisors and managers with a core set of knowledge, skills, and competencies required to successfully manage personnel at New Mexico State University. The program is offered biennially. It examines key management competencies and trains critical knowledge and skill that support core duties and tasks performed by NMSU management personnel. An advisory committee provides guidance and expertise to ensure the program’s success.

Management Competencies

The certification program focuses on core NMSU management competencies that are derived from management competencies of fourteen (14) universities, state, and federal organizations. A complete listing of organizations is located in the Manager Competencies document and is available by request from the Center for Learning & Professional Development.

Manager Training

The Center for Learning & Professional Development has designed an overarching Manager Training Program (MTP) that encompasses common duties and functions performed by NMSU managers. Over seventy (70) fundamental courses have been identified. Critical courses from the Manager Training Program are included in the Manager Certification Program to ensure that participants acquire the core knowledge and skills need to properly manage personnel and departments at NMSU.  Additional Manager Training courses will be rolled out over time.

Manager Certification Program Implementation

The 2018 Manager Certification Program will begin on Friday February 16, 2018 and will be conducted over an eleven (11) month period with sessions given at regular intervals. The number of sessions and the length of each session is determined by the amount of time needed to adequately present the courses selected for instruction.

The first session serves to orient the participants and includes details of the program, schedule, participant expectations, and completion requirements. The final session is a graduation ceremony to acknowledge participants who successfully completed the program and may include a group project presentation by the cohort.


The Manager Certification Program is open to staff in supervisor or higher management positions, and to personnel that are on a planned or self-identified progression path to management. Applicants must meet the following minimum criteria to be eligible for the certification program:

  • Classified as Regular Full Time Staff.
  • Be in a supervisor or higher management position, or on a planned or self-identified progression path to management.
  • One (1) year or more regular employment at NMSU.

Application process

Staff interested in being considered for participation in the Manager Certification Program must complete and submit an application packet. The application packet includes a completed application form, a resume, and a personal statement indicating why they are interested in participating in the program. The applicant’s immediate supervisor must sign the application form to demonstrate their support of the employee attending.  Complete application instructions and the application form are located in the menu to the right.

Application period

The application period for the 2018 program has ended.

Attendance Requirements

The Manager Certification Program consists of monthly training sessions and graduation. Each session builds on the previous session, so attendance is critical to receive the full benefit of the knowledge, skills, and competencies built into the program. Employees that successfully complete the Manager Certification Program will be recognized with a Certificate of Completion.

Absence from scheduled training

Participants are expected to attend all sessions and complete all assignments. However, given that participants may have an unavoidable circumstance that requires an absence, one (1) absence will be allowed. An absence is defined as a session or any portion of a session that is not attended by the participant. Participants will be responsible to collaborate with other participants or the facilitator for missed discussions, presentations, activities, or assignments given during their absence, and to be prepared for the next session.

Participants that have more than one (1) absence will not have successfully met all of the requirements of the program and will not receive a Certificate of Completion or be invited to the graduation ceremony.