Aggie Leadership Training Academy Program

What is the Aggie Leadership Training Academy?

The Aggie Leadership Training Academy (ALTA) program is a leadership certification program for NMSU personnel currently in director/department-head and higher-level management positions. The program is managed by the Center for Learning & Professional Development (CLPD).

The Aggie Leadership Training Academy is a unique opportunity for discovering your personal leadership capacities to support the University’s strategic priorities and diversity goals. Participants meet monthly for a full calendar year. Sessions include facilitated group dialogues, guest speakers, activities, and exercises. The setting is safe and respectful, yet challenging. Those selected for the program will develop their leadership capacities to effectively interact with members of our university community and build open, dynamic, and respectful working and learning environments.

ALTA Program Goal

The goal of the Aggie Leadership Training Academy is to build knowledge and skills needed to develop critical leadership competencies required for higher-level leadership positions at NMSU.

ALTA Program Outcomes

The Aggie Leadership Training Academy utilizes a blend of presentations by renowned experts, interaction with university executive and faculty leadership, selected readings and reflection, and interaction with cohort members to provide a well-rounded learning and development experience.  Participants in the program will…

  • Develop leadership competencies
  • Acquire tools and skills to help build inclusive working, teaching, living, or learning environments
  • Improve interaction and communication skills
  • Discover positive approaches to resolving conflict
  • Build an environment that promotes collaboration
  • Develop confidence in personal leadership abilities

ALTA Program Competencies

Thirteen (13) select leadership competencies form the basis of the NMSU Aggie Leadership Training Academy.  A complete listing of competencies is available by request from the Center for Learning & Professional Development.

ALTA Program Sessions

The Aggie Leadership Training Academy is conducted over a twelve (12) month period. The number of sessions and session length is determined by the amount of time needed to adequately present the various subjects within each topic. The first session will serve to orient the participants and will include details of the program, schedule, participant expectations, and completion requirements. The final session will be a graduation ceremony to acknowledge participants that successfully completed the program and include a presentation by the program cohort on the final group project.

Who will be considered for the Aggie Leadership Training Academy?

The Aggie Leadership Training Academy is a leadership program.  To be considered for the program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Director/Department-Head level or above; including asst. and assoc. positions
  • One (1) year or more regular employment at NMSU
  • Preference will be given to applicants with one (1) or more regular, full-time employee direct reports
  • Makes department-level decisions
  • Develops and directs department initiatives, strategies, and goals

ALTA Participant Expectations

The ALTA program consists of multiple training sessions and graduation. Each session builds on the previous session, so attendance is critical to building the required competencies needed to successfully complete the program.  Successful completion of the Aggie Leadership Training Academy program will be recognized with a Certificate of Completion.  Selected participants will be expected to…

  • Attend all sessions and be an integral and active participant in the program
  • Complete assignments and be prepared to discuss during group interactions

Attendance Requirements

The ALTA program consists of monthly training sessions and graduation. Each session builds on the previous session, so attendance is critical to receive the full benefit of the knowledge, skills, and competencies built into the program. Employees that successfully complete the ALTA Program will be recognized with a Certificate of Completion.

Absence from scheduled training

Participants are expected to attend all sessions and complete all assignments. However, given that participants may have an unavoidable circumstance that requires an absence, one (1) absence will be allowed. An absence is defined as a session or any portion of a session that is not attended by the participant. Participants will be responsible to collaborate with other participants and/or the facilitator for missed discussions, presentations, activities, or assignments given during their absence, and to be prepared for the next session.

Participants that have more than one (1) absence will not have successfully met all of the requirements of the program and will not receive a Certificate of Completion or be invited to the graduation ceremony.

NMSU is dedicated to providing equal opportunities in areas of employment and academics without regard to age, ancestry, color, disability, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, serious medical condition, sex, sexual orientation, spousal affiliation or protected veteran status as outlined in federal and state anti-discrimination statutes. As a federal contractor, NMSU’s affirmative action program also supports this effort.