Leadership & Management Development

Leadership development has become an important initiative for high-performing organizations. V. Velsor, E., McCauley, C. D. & Ruderman, M. N., (2010) shares three common purposes for leadership development programs which includes:

  • performance improvement,
  • succession management, and
  • organizational change
Although people generally interchange leadership development with management development, they are vastly different. Thus, CLPD offers workshops throughout the year for current leaders and managers. This year, we've added a monthly leadership assimilation lab for leaders and managers to practice certain competency-based leadership development.
Historically, CLPD has supported leadership development by offering a certificate program entitled the Aggie Leadership Training Academy (ALTA) for aspiring and current leaders/managers.

Certificate Programs

Aggie Leadership Training Academy (ALTA)

The Aggie Leadership Training Academy (ALTA) program is a leadership program. Because an individual’s capacity for leadership is not defined by their job title, ALTA is open to all NMSU faculty and staff.  The program is managed by the Center for Learning & Professional Development (CLPD).

Check Training Central for upcoming classes.

“Leadership isn’t better than management, nor is it a substitute for it.”  – Tom Flick