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The Center for Learning & Professional Development

The Center for Learning & Professional Development (CLPD) is the central training department for New Mexico State University faculty, staff, and student workers.

We contribute to the NMSU (New Mexico State University) mission developing yearly priorities. Our 2024 priorities include fostering workplace learning for employees (new and existing), division, department, and units by:

  • Identifying, assessing, and developing essential competencies which contribute to effective and efficient workplace culture.
  • Providing employees, units, departments, and divisions, with services, tools, and resources that contribute to a positive workplace culture.
  • Empowering high-potential and high-performing employees with leadership development opportunities.


Know. Learn. Grow.

Our Method

CLPD method

When attending workshops offered by CLPD, participants will know, learn, and grow. This graphic represents our primary method when delivering learning activities for employees.

Assess. First, we identify what the participant knows and what the participant wants to learn when they attend a workshop or training session.

Challenge. Then, we challenge participants to explore new ways (research-based/best practices) to approach the learning activity.

Engage. Next, we provide time for the participants to practice what is learned or share thoughts and ideas.

Assess Again. After the learning experience is over, we will assess what the person has learned and how they plan to use the information moving forward.

Support. We support the learner throughout the experience.


Our Pillars


This graphic represents how we support the organization. There are 5 pillars by which CLPD supports the NMSU community.


We offer training in the following program areas.  Click a title to see additional information on the program.  If your department is interested in one of the classes in this program, please visit the Organizational Development page and submit a request form.  

In collaboration with Benefits, Health & Wellness, and ICT, CLPD provides new employees with an overview of NMSU and highlights of the organization's mission, vision, values, and ways to stay connected. Additionally, it supports new hires with their benefits and onboarding activities. New Employee Orientation is offered twice a month.

Employee engagement is vital to NMSU's success. An engaged workforce is a productive workforce. CLPD offers different employee engagement activities that fosters open communication, support, and community for employees in similar roles.

Historically, CLPD has supported leadership development by promoting the Aggie Leadership Training Academy (ALTA) for aspiring and current leaders. CLPD offers workshops throughout the year for current leaders. This year, we've added a leadership assimilation lab for leaders to practice certain leadership skills.

CLPD offers tailor-made facilitated sessions for units, departments, and divisions as they seek to improve workplace culture and improve processes.

Annually, CLPD partners with various departments to ensure that employees are provided with relevant training to meet NMSU compliance status.