Articulate 360 License Request

At this time, the Center for Learning & Professional Development (CLPD) is encouraging any units or departments who are interested in creating training and uploading it to Training Central to use Storyline 360, a software program available through Articulate 360. 

What is Articulate 360? 

Articulate 360 is the eLearning enterprise program used at New Mexico State University. To learn more about Articulate 360, please visit their website
Most eLearning courses are designed using Articulate’s Storyline 360, an application used to create interactive courses. Once you complete your course, CLPD will assist with publishing the content in Training Central.

How can I request a license? 

Begin by signing up for a free 30-day trial. The trial grants you access to Articulate 360 and all of its programs, including Storyline 360. If more time is needed to complete your project, submit the Articulate License Request Form to borrow a 90-day license.  Availability of a 90-day license is limited and may not be available at all times. All departments are restricted to one loan per contract year. 

Can I purchase a license? 

Yes, an annual license can be purchased, especially for units and departments developing multiple projects or a project that requires extensive development time.  The contract period is September 8 through September 7 of the following year. The cost of a license is $664.05 and is prorated if purchased after the contract period begins. We highly encourage you to purchase through CLPD, as departments receive a significant educational, team discount.  CLPD will send renewal notices 60 days prior to expiration.  Licenses will automatically renew if not canceled prior to renewal. To purchase a license, submit the Articulate License Request Form or contact with any questions.

What training resources are available to help me with Articulate 360? 

E-Learning Heroes, the Articulate online learning community, can help with learning more about the different programs and tools available through Articulate 360. These are also free to help you develop a highly interactive and engaging eLearning training module. CLPD is also available to assist with any questions or concerns you have as you familiarize yourself with Storyline 360 or any of the Articulate 360 programs. You may want to join the NMSU Articulate Users Group to network with other Articulate users.  For more information, contact