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The Center for Learning & Professional Development (CLPD) is the central training department for New Mexico State University faculty and staff.

We contribute to the NMSU mission by providing customer-centered services, results-focused solutions, and training programs that facilitate employee growth and success. We celebrate diversity, sponsor change, optimize productivity, and create a positive organizational culture committed to excellence and continuous improvement.

In addition to training, CLPD is also responsible for consulting with departments on organizational development, coordinating several Awards & Recognition Programs, and administering Training Central.


Featured Programs

We offer training in the following program areas.  Click a title to see additional information on the program.

The Administrative Systems & Processes program is designed for all administrative and faculty personnel. This program focuses on business and finance systems such as Banner, Cognos, PeopleAdmin, and other systems designed specifically for NMSU business functions. The program also addresses policy and procedure related to finance, budget, procurement, and hiring.  Here are just a few examples of the systems & processes we train on.

  • Procurement
  • Banner Student
  • Cognos
  • PeopleAdmin
  • EPAF

The Career Development program is designed for all levels of employees interested in resources and strategies that will effectively help them strengthen their competencies and manage their career at NMSU.  Most classes in this program are taught on request for departments at NMSU.  If your department is interested in one of the classes in this program, please complete the Departmental Training Request form.  Here are a few examples of topics offered in Career Development program.

  • Communications
  • Customer Service
  • Facilitation/Coaching
  • New Employee Orientation*

*New Employee Orientation is offered bi-weekly at NMSU – Las Cruces.  All new employees are encouraged to attend.

The Computer & Web program is designed for all levels of employees interested in creating and maintaining websites using WordPress.  WordPress Training information can be found at

New Mexico State University is committed to providing a safe and harassment free environment for its students, employees and visitors, and equal employment opportunities in all areas of occupation. It is also committed to protecting the assets of the University, students, employees, and individuals connected with the University. A key component in achieving these commitments is ensuring that employees are trained on their responsibilities related to applicable State and Federal codes, laws, and regulations.

Strategic & Essential Training is administered annually to ALL NMSU Employees. New employees are automatically enrolled at the time of employment. Current employees are enrolled in January to align with the calendar year.

For additional information on the compliance training program, refer to

Certifications in the Leadership & Management program are comprised of leadership & management essentials for both new and experienced supervisors and managers. The curriculum, delivered through interactive workshops, structured training sessions, and online microlearning, is designed to build competencies in new supervisors and strengthen competencies in experienced supervisors and managers.  Certification programs include the Aggie Leadership Training Academy (ALTA) and the Manager Certification Program (MCP). 

Information sessions in the Policies & Procedures program help orient employees on benefit programs offered by NMSU, rights afforded employees under federal and state laws, and NMSU policies and procedures.  Examples of training available in the Policies & Procedures program are listed below.

  • Alcohol Permit Guidelines
  • Leave Policies
  • PCard
  • Principal Investigator
  • Search Committee Orientation

To see what trainings are available visit Training Central.

View NMSU’s Non-Discrimination Statement